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( hey everyone ! Just letting you know I’m still getting around to replies. It’s more like I’m spending a few days chilling and hanging with my family before I become work + school central. Nothin like a 12+ hour day of school and work…………..

I’ll be around still! It’ll just take me a while. Thanks again!

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The sixth years! \o/ This isn’t the last one, I still have a couple more in mind!

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i’ll be gone all day today but tmrw i’ll get in all the rest of my replies hopefully !! sorry sorry dhg

minato // leia // chrollo // clear // yoshino // chouji

and i think that’s it ? as always, i never cap so if you ever want to roleplay, like one of these posts and i’ll get back to you asap !! that or just send me a message ! thank you ! 

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— hear me out; [ open ]


They were vastly outnumbered. Judging by the expressions of the people gathering to the scene, Hiccup could sense that there was trouble. While the dragon stood protectively before his friend, the human tried to reason with him. He bit his bottom lip and tread to the side of his dragon, arms spread out to shield those who stood near the cars.

Hearing the light thud of feet hit the ground, the pair tore their eyes away from cars and searched for the source. It was relieving to have chased the issue from Toothless’ mind and for that, Hiccup would gladly thank the stranger. He let out a long breath, bending over as he thought to himself. Thank Thor, one less disaster to deal with.

Yet even if the Night Fury’s threatening sounds had disappeared, it didn’t mean he was any less confused. Four large, black legs moved in the stranger’s direction and caused his bright eyes to dilate a bit. Hiccup noticed the dragon’s tension had eased up but he was still cautious in approaching him. The viking had never seen the kind of clothes the stranger wore but he seemed to be similar to his age. That could either turn out to be regrettable or fortunate for Hiccup.

As the dragon steadily walked towards Koheita, Hiccup tried to maintain a similar speed behind him. "Uh, Toothless—" The two were only a few feet away from the boy when Toothless decided he was comfortable, sitting across from Koheita with his signature look of expectancy. Despite his bewilderment, Hiccup could admit that his dragon’s actions were amusing. It wasn’t common for Toothless to be that open with strangers so the human just lifted his hand to pet the scaly head.


Hiccup gave the dragon one last scratch before he turned to the other boy with slight wave of his hand. "My name is Hiccup. This guy," He paused with a gesture to the Night Fury. "is Toothless." A toothy grin tugged at his lips as he watched the Night Fury give Koheita a somewhat awkard smile. He was glad his companion was calm for the first time since they arrived. ”Thanks, by the way. You really saved my butt.”

To be honest, he wasn’t sure it would work but he was really glad it did. Seeing the dragon’s tension melt made him more excited as he gave a brighter grin,  relaxing his shoulders and tilting his head as he stared back, just as expectant. He softened up, hands on his hips and was kind of tempted to touch. But hey, you’re not supposed to touch an animal without permission. Or something like that. Again, Hachizaemon’s thing.

In general, he guessed it was exciting to meet a dragon - even though he seemed more like a house pet to Koheita. He was used to odd animals with odd behaviors. There was Hemu, the headmaster’s ninja.. dog.. and Junko! The poisonous snake who happily rests around the shoulders of third year’s Magohei. … Okay, so maybe this was really different. But it’s fine - Koheita adapts.

Toothless, huh…" he nodded, giving a thumbs up. He didn’t see how he was so toothless but okay - "And .. hehe - Hiccup…" He’s not gonna question what a man names his son or his son names his pet. No big deal. "No problem but ah, we might wanna split. There’s a crowd still." And he pointed behind him like hey there, scared people and he thinks those are people on their phones, ready to call the cops.

You can fly right? I’ll meet up with you!" Not that he could exactly follow their speed but he could get a head start. Humming, he looked around and pointed to a taller building, further away. "Oi, let’s go there!! I’ll meet you at the top!!” 

Modern - but - not .. so modern Spiderman that he was, took to the sky and laughed loudly as he jumped from street light to fire escape to rooftops. And then from rooftops to whatever he could honestly reach before he got to his destination. He didn’t bother to wait up for Hiccup or his scaly friend, moreso knowing if they didn’t understand where he was going, they’d understand enough to get out of there before a riot came through. 

Ike ike don dooooon!" he laughed loudly.


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