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My apologies for rarely posting / being online in the past week or so . I’ve been dealing with trying to get in a shit ton of hours at work / getting ready for school / sharing this laptop with my younger sibling. [ rest in peace ] 

i’m always on skype [ just ask ! ] and sometimes i pop by on mobile for messages ! as always, if you’d like to plot, i’d love to !! thank you for understanding !


How unusual…

…for Clear to suddenly be approached by a stranger of whom was hanging upside down, just the mere sight of him encouraged Clear to join him almost immediately, after all, this was Clear’s preference for travelling, wondering now why he hadn’t chosen to do so any earlier. Instantly were his nerves pushed aside by temptation, expression morphing to sudden excitement ( although hidden ), said excitement could be noticeably heard in the android’s tone alone.

      "It indeed does look very fun~! I thank you for the kind offer!"


The enthusiasm the stranger showed would most likely frighten off most, Clear could subject to this as he alone could recall many times where he’s received strange looks or hasn’t even been taken seriously due to either looking at just his attire, it was something that the android has gotten used to,how peculiar though that he’s now come across someone of whom also contains that big bundle of joy, and would outwardly express it in the same kind of manner. Clear wasted no time in climbing up himself, looking back down towards the crowd below before turning to the stranger yet again.

    “I was thinking on this actually~ jumping on rooftops
     certainly is a much more convenient method of
     transportation! I haven’t found anyone else who 
     thinks the same as me until now!”

He could see how taken aback he was, watching his shoulders tense for just a second. Koheita couldn’t help but laugh. Like duh, why wouldn’t anyone take to roof tops? He grinned, happy to see someone agree with him. Totally normal. Totally a good influence on his new, masked friend. Definitely. Giving a bit of a chuckle, he jumped higher, leaping to another building.

Hurry up! You’ll get left behind!!" he laughed, taking another few steps back. He was happy someone was roof bound, as he was though. Koheita found that not many took this route and having someone walking by his side again seemed… nice? He just thought the view was so much better. Pausing, he chuckled as he looked down at the view below him, alongside his new companion.

Haah? Really? It’s a lot faster, huh? Bet you I could beat you in a race though!" he grinned, poking the other in the side. Koheita, you completely forgot to tell the guy your name. "I win, you buy a snack - you win, I buy?" You’re going too fast. No stop — "Ready—!” 



Koheita no —

Go! Ike Ike don dooooooon!

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I like the episodes where the ninjas fight each other… over the most ridiculous things. 8D;;

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When Koheita’s boss told him that he needed to start bringing in more customers, he definitely did not mean this trash of a flier. You couldn’t really blame Koheita; he was truly the dumbest in his class, after all! Besides, he wasn’t that great with writing or … doing anything creative, to be honest…

Understanding as he was, his boss couldn’t help but want to throw the paper out, considering the trampoline park definitely wasn’t open 24/7 and it definitely didn’t help that Koheita certainly didn’t know how to spell the name of the company. Koheita slightly dulled as he watched his boss tell him all the things he did wrong. He felt even worse when his boss told him that there was no way he could use it.

All that work, wasted! 


Huffing, he stared at the paper out with pride anyway as he sat outside on his break. “It’s not like he even did anything!!" he grumbled, holding up his amazing masterpiece. "It’s not that ba—" And suddenly a gust of wind threw the paper in the air. "Oi! Get back here!

It didn’t even travel far, smacking a nearby person in the face. Snickering, he ran straight up to the poor victim. “Oi! Thanks for - ahhh - grabbin’ it!!

souzourecord: spit it out!!

Okay, he had to admit, maybe he had been watching too much television. It was his bad, totally. But he had to say, they were so cool!! Reaching for the first hand of the first person he saw, he was quick to pull them close and slam the door behind them, locking them into one of the various rooms. AKA he honestly had no idea where he was. “You have to be really… really quiet…” he murmured, finger on his lips.


There is a dragon outside this door and if we go out, it will eat us."

Hello, yes, Koheita is two years old.

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So maybe he didn’t exactly meet his mom correctly. Then again, he couldn’t really grasp his head around the idea of having a mother figure in his life. Something sad about orphans and going into ninja academies to survive. Regardless of this, he found himself excited to meet her. Nothing like having a mom, right?

But the thing was, he was so bad at first impressions; he could make the devil look like a better friend.

Upon learning to cook, Koheita slowly made his behind the redhead, grinning madly with a pile of semi burnt strips, as if he was the most accomplished man in the world.




And he slowly.. so slowly.. slid it towards her, across the room……